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Individual Cloud: Backup

Today data are more important for companies than ever before. Therefore a data backup concept has to be part of any IT environment. Because the backup requirements can vary with the time, we offer a flexible backup solution.


An image is a copy of an entire server. The advantage of this backup method is a very short time for restoring the full server data in case of error. For every server we export one image per week on a different system.

Backup to Disk

For this option we ensure the backup with particular backup software, such as Windows Backup/Backup Exec or similar. The backup drive is located in a different data center and is included in our clients system as a virtual disk.

Backup to Tape

The backup is performed using commercially available software. It is outsourced on a different server which stores the data with AES256 encryption weekly to tape. A quarter backup every 3 months ensures the archiving of data. These tapes are kept for 10 years.
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