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Individual Cloud: Virtualisation VMware

An important component of our Individual Cloud is the market-leading virtualisation solution VMware vSphere.

With VMware we are able to provide you tailor-made solutions for your requirements and adjust them constantly to suit your needs. Connected with our know-how and other remaining components it results in a highly flexible and secure solution.

Technical details:

VMware vCenter Server
Due to the central console of VMware vCenter we manage the entire infrastructure clearly and efficiently.

VMware vMotion
With VMware vMotion (SLA medium and higher) virtual servers can be moved between the VMware hosts without interruption. During maintenance work we move all virtual devices from a particular VMware host to the remaining servers. For this reason maintenance operations can run without interruption.

VMware High Availability (HA)
VMware HA (SLA medium and higher) protects the virtual devices from unexpected errors of a VMware host. If a server is unexpectedly unavailable the virtual devices automatically start on another VMware host. Due to this function the downtime can be reduced to a minimum.

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