IT Monitoring

No more trouble with your systems.

Without a functioning IT infrastructure, many a company is in ice age. And this ice age costs you time, money and nerves. A permanent IT contact is worth its weight in gold in such cases. exaSys offers you the possibility of recognising difficulties at an early stage, preventing failures and rectifying problems with IT monitoring and the helpdesk with SLA.



With exaSys IT monitoring, you can detect difficulties at an early stage and thus minimise failures. 



Gather important insights for the future by monitoring your IT and use them efficiently.   



Wählen Sie zwischen First- und Second-Level-Support und kombinieren Sie den Support mit anderen Dienstleistungen der exaSys.  

Being in good hands with our monitoring and helpdesk

Monitoring means the systematic registration and observation of IT processes. We keep your servers and your applications under surveillance using particular monitoring software. Due to our experience we resolve problems before your IT processes are disrupted. Possible breakdowns are minimized, for which reason you increase your efficiency and effectiveness.

Monitoring your IT provides us also important insights for the future. On the basis of historical data we are able to estimate trends, f.e. how much storage will be needed. IT monitoring is perfect to combine with all hosting and housing services provided by exaSys.

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Why exasys secure hosting ?

  • Swiss data center
  • Swiss cloud solution
  • Tailor-made offers
  • Customizable
  • 99,9% uptime guarantee

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