Our Swiss data center: modern, well-equipped and safe

We operate two data centers, called WZH1 and WZH2, in the greater Zurich area in Switzerland. These are located in two different buildings and fibre redundant.

In our modern data centers, we provide our datacenter & cloud services and we offer our customers the possibility for colocation. The data centers provide exceptionally large racks of 80 x 120 cm, which offer plenty of space for a clean cabling even at highest density.

Our data centers can be used according to individual requirements: customers can source our datacenter & cloud services, operate their own environment and benefit from the know-how of our employees or simply rent the space for their own server and operate it completely on their own.

Our data centers are not only state of the art in terms of technology, but also in the area of Green IT. We optimize our energy efficiency using a cold aisle approach, high quality power, cooling infrastructure, efficient computer hardware and through optimizing server utilization. WZH1 is even using the warm air from the data center to heat part of the building.

Our data centers are located in Switzerland - a neutral country with high political and economic stability.

Our two data centers are connected redundant via fibre channel.

Space for your dedicated server as you need: from a single rack unit to a whole rack.


Scalability: Our solutions are tailor-made for complying with your requirements.

Our two data centers WZH1 and WZH2 are located in the greater Zurich area in Switzerland. They are 150 m apart and fibre redundant. Following the technical specifications:

Data center WZH1

Access only possible with authorized personnel
Individual rack units (RU) for rent

Data center WZH2

Client access if renting 1/2 rack and more
Individual rack units (RU), 1/2 rack, 1/1 rack for rent
Racks: Schäfer 42RU 80 x 120cm

Pictures exaSys data centers


Our emergency power aggregate