Flexible and economical with colocation

Are you looking for a flexible place for your server? Then exaSys AG is the right choice for you! In addition to classic housing, we also offer various other services. For example, protected access to IPMI or SAN storage, which can be obtained as a service. Combine your hardware with our cloud solutions and build your individual cloud.

A dedicated server room is associated with enormous expense and the requirements are constantly increasing. A continuous internet connection, energy efficiency, emergency power and digital and physical data security are just some of the points to consider. Increasing digitalisation also requires flexible scalability. Moving into a professional data centre creates significant economic and ecological benefits for you.

If required, our support and engineering team will be at your side. So you benefit not only from our premises, but also from the many years of know-how of our employees. Rent space for individual servers or obtain your own rack if required (from 1/3 rack). To set up a geo-redundant solution or to store backups, space can also be obtained in the WZH1 data centre (incl. corresponding connection).

The two data centres WZH1 and WZH2 are located in two different buildings about 150 metres apart and are connected redundantly by optical fibres. All aspects such as emergency power, cooling and security of the premises are covered by us. In this way, we can ensure operations at all times. We also take care of the environment. For example, we strictly separate cold and hot air to increase energy efficiency and use heat recovery to heat our premises.

Server housing advantages

Furthermore, you can combine your hardware and solutions with the services of the exaSys infrastructure. For example, you can obtain a virtual firewall to protect your servers. Or make use of a special network for server management boards. In this way, this is not directly accessible from the internet and allows access independent of the customer infrastructure (used as a fallback in case of problems).

What advantages does exaSys AG housing offer you? On the one hand, the colocation is highly flexible, expandable, secure and designed to meet your individual needs. Furthermore, it can be combined with virtual servers and is operated via two of our own data centres in Wolfhausen in the Zurich Oberland. The latter favours, among other things, maintenance and includes low latency times.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • highest flexibility
  • Can be combined with other services such as storage or virtual servers
  • Access to technical expertise
  • expandable
  • safe
  • in the Zurich Oberland
  • individual
  • Racks: 80x120 cm

Colocation in our data centres - technical data

Together with HiHo AG, a sister company in our group, we operate the two data centres WZH1 and WZH2 in the greater Zurich area. These are equipped with the latest technologies and are located in two separate buildings, redundantly connected by their own optical fibres.

In our modern data centre we operate our data centre & cloud services and offer customers the option of colocation. The data centres are equipped with exceptionally large racks of 80x120 cm, which offer plenty of space for clean cabling even at high density.

The range of our data centres can be used according to individual wishes: Customers can obtain our data centre & cloud services, operate their own environment with us and benefit from the expertise of our staff, or simply rent the space for their own servers and operate the environment entirely themselves.Our data centres are not only leading in terms of technology, but also in the area of green IT. We optimise our energy efficiency through cold aisles, use only quality hardware, ensure optimal utilisation of our servers and use the heat from the RZ WZH1 data centre to heat the building.

Our data centres are located in Switzerland. This means your data stays in the country.

Our two data centres are redundantly connected via their own optical fibres.

Space as required: from a single height unit to an entire rack.

Scalability: Our solutions adapt to your needs.

Datacenter WZH1

Access: Only with autorised personnel
Rental: Individual RU's

Pictures exaSys data centers


Our emergency power aggregate

Advantages Colocation / Server Housing

  • Provided in own Swiss data centre
  • Use of the latest technologies
  • High availability of 99.9 percent
  • Highest security